"The Bunny Ranch was so excited to see our ‘America’s Next Top Bunny Ranch Virgin!’ program get going this past weekend, and there couldn’t be a better first virgin contestant than Katherine Stone,” said brothel owner Hof. “This gal is terrific, Katherine has the chaste look, the personal purity, that unmarked, fully-fresh persona, and all the clean-naif qualities that a gentlemen looks for in a woman.” says Hof.


Katherine, a soft-spoken and charismatic college student from the Seattle, Washington, says she has been overwhelmed with all of the support she has received since her story went viral on the internet. Katherine contacted “America’s Next Top Bunny Ranch Virgin!” after a tragic fire destroyed her family’s uninsured home, and she was forced to take a leave of absence from attending college. Katherine had seen Hof on television and knew of his generous work and contacted him for his help. It was then that Hof decided to step in and offer Katherine the once-in-a-lifetime shot to make losing her virginity both a memorable, and profitable occasion.


“If there’s one thing I want to do, if I am fortunate enough to,” is help out my family,” says the wise-beyond-her-years Katherine.  Beyond pulling her family out of their troubling circumstances, Katherine is looking forward to returning to college, where she has successfully completed six quarters, and wants to eventually become a lawyer.


“Katherine has the one thing that every man in the world wants—and that’s her virginity, and it’s that priceless female commodity that this brave and selfless girl is putting up on the auction block to rescue her family from ruin and destitution. Hof, the big-hearted business man announced that he was waiving his customary 50% cut of whatever Katherine earns from the auction, so the full amount could go toward helping her family, towards tuition, and her future. “When it comes to a situation with these kinds of circumstances, I think it’s only right to let the girl keep 100% of the cash—call me old-fashioned, but that’s just me.”


Katherine met the public for the first time when she took center-stage at Hof’s raucous 69th birthday party celebration at the Bunny Ranch Bar and Cigar nightclub in Carson City, September 19th.  It was there that the unseeded sexual simpleton got her first taste of the “America’s Next Top Bunny Ranch Virgin!” limelight--walking down the runway to wild applause at the standing-room-only event.



She has been back and forth to the brothels and has recently moved to Nevada, she is now local and works by appointments at the Kit Kat Guest Ranch. While anxiously beginning her “America’s Next Top Bunny Ranch Virgin” journey, and looking forward to losing her virginity, Katherine is biding her time at the Kit Kat Ranch -where she specializes in GFE (girlfriend experience). Katherine can be emailed directly for bookings at

“If there’s one thing I want to do, if I am fortunate enough to be named ‘America’s Next Top Bunny Ranch Virgin,’ is help out my family. Mom, Dad, sis—this is all for you!”

Katherine Stone – Virgin

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Dennis Hof is the owner of seven licensed legal brothels located throughout Nevada and is the author of the book, “The Art Of The Pimp: A Love Story” published by Regan Arts. He has lectured at Oxford, Trinity College, the Sorbonne and hundreds of colleges and events worldwide.


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“This gal is terrific. Katherine has the chaste look, the personal purity, that unmarked, fully-fresh persona, and all the clean-naif qualities that could see her go all the way to the top, and become ‘America’s Next Top Bunny Ranch Virgin!’”

Dennis Hof – Owner of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch